• The most common complaint about flexible partials is that they are difficult to adjust. DuraFlex Flexible Partials resolve that issue. Made with a state-of-the-art thermoplastic material, adjusting DuraFlex won’t gum up your tools like other flexible partials. The result is a partial that is easier to adjust, easier to polish and has better color stability.

    DuraFlex also offers fantastic esthetics with veined acrylic in three shades. The material is translucent allowing the natural coloring of the tissue to show through the material causing DuraFlex to virtually disappear in the mouth.

    DuraFlex is more dense than conventional acrylic dentures for a slick finish that, unlike nylon based materials, won’t discolor, and is highly resistant to stains and odors.

    Why choose DuraFlex?

    • It’s Easy: Simple to adjust and polish.
    • It’s Esthetic: Lifelike pink shades with veined acrylic details.
    • It’s Comfortable: Thin, lightweight, and flexible for easy insertion.
    • It’s Strong: Clinically unbreakable and more durable than acrylic.
    • It’s Hygienic: Won’t absorb stains or odors.


    • Flexible and easier to insert
    • Design Versatility
    • Acrylic Allergies
    • History of partial frame breakage
    • Alternative to implants or fixed products
    • Presence of tori


    • Need for more rigid appliance due to
      poor soft tissue support or few remaing teeth.
    • Quality of teeth is too poor to support DuraFlex.
    • Minimal vertical clearance, less than 3mm.
    • Flat ridge.
    • Immediate applications.

    We can reline, repair and add teeth to Duraflex.



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