• The Strongest All-Ceramic Restoration Available

    Finally, the strength you’ve been looking for in an esthetic metal-free restoration is possible with Lava, the zirconia-based all-ceramic system by 3M™ ESPE™. The Lava system combines CAD/CAM technology with an extraordinarily translucent zirconia framework that can be custom colored creating a restoration strong enough for long span bridges, with outstanding fit and biocompatibility and the aesthetics your patients have come to expect. Now you can have it all!

    The Lava Advantage

    • Zirconium oxide coping provides exceptional strength
      • Polycrystalline zirconium oxide stabilized with yttrium actually inhibits fractures
      • Withstands stresses much greater than those occuring in the mouth
      • Ideal for 3 and 4 unit bridges
    • Excellent esthetics
      • The Y-TZP infrastructure is more translucent than other zirconia-based materials
      • 8 shades of zirconia framework for natural shade matching
      • Better ability to mask discolored abutment teeth, metal cores and metal implant abutments
    • Outstanding Marginal Fit — the sophisticated production process of the pre-sintered blanks ensures precise fit
    • Biocompatibility
      • No allergy potential or irritation of tissue
      • Low thermal conductivity provides greater comfort for your patient
    • Preparation similar to PFM — less tooth reduction than most all-ceramic systems
    • Conventional Cementation — easily accomplished with proven technique


    • All Crowns
    • Crowns over Implants
    • 3 and 4 Unit Bridges with total lengths up to 36mm


    • Inlays and Onlays
    • Veneers

    Send to Lab

    • Upper and Lower Impressions
    • Bite Registration (bite registration for bridges should cover pontic and 2 adjacent teeth on either side)
    • Shade Choice

    Shade Guide

    • We recommend the Ivoclar Chromoscop shade guide
    • Use Vita, Bioform or other shade guides if necessary.

    Ideal Preparation

    • 1mm chamfer margin
    • 1.5mm axial wall reduction
    • 2mm incisal/occlusal reduction required
    • No Knife-edge margins
    • As with any all-ceramic, no sharp or right angles

    Adjustment Tips

    • Avoid internal adjustment of Lava
    • When adjustments are necessary, adjust prepped tooth
    • Use a diamond with water for ceramic adjustments of veneer porcelain
    • Avoid carbide use

    Recommended Cements

    Lava can be cemented using conventional PFM techniques. We recommend:

    ADA Codes

    • D2740 Crown
    • D6245 Pontic for a bridge
    • D6740 Abutment for a bridge
    Lava CAD

    Lava Milling 

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