• By integrating the best of class CAD/CAM systems, Impact Dental Lab has created a zirconia crown that delivers on price, fit, strength and esthetics. PMZ, Precision Milled Zirconia, crowns will reduce chair time and save money. It's a world class crown that offers superb value.


    • Exceptional strength: Greater flexural strength than any other all-ceramic available.
    • Excellent esthetics: No black lines or gingival graying. Semi-transparent with a high opacity to mask underlying tooth discoloration, metal cores and implant abutments.
    • Outstanding marginal fit: Reduced seating time compared to PFMs.
    • Biocompatible: No allergic reactions or tissue irritation.
    • Cementable: Use your favorite cementation material and protocol. 


    • Crowns
    • Crowns over implants


    • Inlays and onlays
    • Veneers

    What to Send

    • Upper and lower models or impressions
    • Shade
    • Bite registration

    Cement PMZ for Comfort and Convenience

    If you've been avoiding zirconia all ceramic crowns because of bonding concerns, your wait is over.

    Compared to bonding, conventional cementation saves chair time while offering other benefits including reduced post-op sensitivity, convenient capsule dispensing, and easy intra-oral clean-up.

    Dentists report success using any cement that has an auto-cure or dual-cure feature. Light-cure only products are not recommended because many lights are not powerful enough to cure material thru the zirconia core.


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