Sport Protection

  • Impact Absorber Pressure formed sportsguard

    In sporting activities there is a great need to protect your smile. If you participate in kickboxing, boxing, or martial arts, it is highly recommended that you wear a custom fitted mouthguard to prevent against injury. The Impact Absorber is a pressure-formed, multi-laminated mouthguard, which ensures a perfect fit.

    The Impact Absorber is available in three thicknesses to suit the needs of the individual athlete.


    • RECREATIONAL (single layer) laminated material with a thickness of 3mm. Specially fabricated for wrestling, volleyball, mountain biking, motocross, soccer, basketball, softball, rollerblading, skating and skateboarding.
    • HEAVY (dual layer) laminated material with a thickness of 4mm. Specially fabricated for baseball, rugby, field hockey, street hockey, racquetball and boxing.
    • PROFESSIONAL (triple layer) laminated material with a thickness of 5mm. Custom fabricated for ice hockey, football, and martial arts along with kickboxing and other heavy contact sports.
    Sport Protection