Interactive “NTI is Easy as 1-2-3” Video Premieres Online

We aim to make using the NTI in your practice as easy as possible. Whether using the NTI therapeutic protocol for its diagnostic, protection, or therapeutic indications, the “NTI is Easy as 1-2-3” video series, now available on our website will serve as a virtual case evaluation.

The video series, shot in HD, features brief, descriptive videos detailing NTI appliance design criteria, arch choice indications and contraindications, as well as clinical tutorials demonstrating chairside insertion and adjustment techniques.

Ever wondered what to do when prescribing an NTI for a patient with a diastema, missing incisors, or veneers? This video series addresses all of those issues as well as indications for the soft-lined and extended coverage NTI designs. Have you ever had a patient bring in an old NTI that’s not as retentive as it once was? An easy reline
technique is also featured in this series.

Click here to access the videos.